Supporting family friendly policy is good business.


More women than ever are breastfeeding and sustaining breastfeeding beyond maternity leaves.

We partner at the individual and corporate level to share new strategies with expectant mothers and mothers returning to work, as well as develop policy with corporate leadership, ensuring smoother transitions for working families.

Companies need guidance to institute successful lactation programs for their employees that build trust, empower women, and improve retention during the early years of raising a family and working.

By the numbers:

With women representing 47% of the overall workforce, gaps widen over the course of careers. A mere 4.2% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. Yet, research shows that companies with more gender diversity overall outperform their industry peers by 15%.

Filling a talent pipeline that helps companies achieve gender diversity goals and results in increased earnings requires inclusive policy.

When 43% of highly qualified professional women 'off-ramp' and leave work voluntarily for a period of time, they lose vital earning power, and employers lose hard-won expertise from competent, ambitious contributors. We must reflect on how to retain and grow top female talent during a time of transition.

Demands at work and home sit in the center of all of this.

While 80% of US mothers breastfeed immediately postpartum, the numbers drop to 30% by the three month postpartum period- when women often return to work. All while evidence shows that breastfeeding leads to fewer infant illnesses and long term benefits for women, including decreased chances of breast cancers, hypertension, and heart attacks.

60% of women report not meeting their own breastfeeding goals.

When circumstances and lack of support in places of work lead to outcomes employees are personally unhappy with, it isn't difficult to see a correlation to the off-ramping phenomenon.

Supporting women is an opportunity to recruit, retain, and grow top talent, as well as lead industry peers in support of maternal and pediatric health, gender diversity, and inclusion.






Tawnya Crawford
Mother, CLC, Co-Founder

Tawnya has worked as an executive in the corporate world for more than a decade, creating partnerships with some of the world's best known digital companies. As she prepared to return to work after the birth of her second child, she nursed her baby before bedtime, packed her trusty pump, and in those quiet moments, conceived of Merryweather Consultants, because breastfeeding mothers should have vital support during the transition back to work. With lactation strategies and maternity leaves focused on the early newborn days, women and employers aren't talking enough about what happens when we return to work. In her vision, Merryweather partners with working mothers, helps companies develop policy and allocate resources to support women during maternity leave and beyond, and institutes lactation programs that benefit everyone. 


Lilly Schott
Labor and Delivery Nurse, RNC, MSN, IBCLC, Co-Founder

After completing her nursing degree at Johns Hopkins, Lilly began her journey as a labor and delivery nurse. In the last decade nursing has taken her all over the world with various aid organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, and provided a diverse set of experiences in pre-natal care, post-natal care, labor and delivery, and community health. At home and abroad, Lilly has helped countless women bring their babies into the world, supported mothers, fathers, partners, and grandparents in the uncharted waters of labor, and thoughtfully guided the early days of breastfeeding. While working toward her board certification as a lactation consultant, she and one of those mothers (Tawnya) shared an idea. Today, Lilly embarks on a new journey that will bring her expertise to more women and make an important impact on the way we approach our modern working lives.